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ATTENTION, week old reddit account who’s about to post a screenshot of your first dozen winning trades!

Hey there, thanks for stopping by before you almost posted that inexperienced humble brag. You just saved yourself a lot of suffering.
So you’ve finished for first week/month of trading and you’ve seen pretty much nothing but green! Congratulations. When you’re completely new to something and you see a small bit of success, you have no perspective of fear or self doubt. When you have no inhibition and loads of confidence, it really does allow you to self actualize results for a solid stretch.
That stretch eventually ends. You’ll learn the fear after the market bites a larger chunk out of you than expected and start you’ll closing winning trades early while letting losing trades run. Before that happens you’re inexperienced, but have confidence. Afterwards, you have no confidence and no experience. That’s a much harder scenario to perform in.
I highly encourage you to briefly read into the Dunning Kruger effect, chances are you’re an unwitting victim at the peak of the aptly named “mount stupid.” You believe you can outperform billions of dollars of institutional order flow by using nothing but some lines and an indicator on its default setting, which, I was not immune to believing when I first started trading as well. It feels damn good to briefly outperform all those “so called experts.”
So why am I making this post? Since I started frequently browsing this subreddit while babysitting my trades, I have seen literally dozens of the aforementioned posts. A screenshot of maybe a dozen trades from a completely green trader with a week old reddit account, typically followed by a meagerly explained chart and a very “strong” prediction.
“Ah, well I’ve won those previous trades, if I had used five times as much leverage on them I would have made SO much money! I’ll just increase my leverage on the next trade since I’ve got such a strong winning streak!”
I cannot recall of a single instance where an author of these kinds of posts lasted more than a week or two. The account is deleted, and someone invariably posts “hey, what happened to insert username here?” It’s probable they liquidated their position.
If you still intend to make this kind of post, I wish I could purchase a contract that’d pay me out if you liquidate your account within the month. Hell, I’d prefer to just buy those contracts over actually trading. The probabilities are way better.
So what’s the alternative?
  1. Immediately reduce your account size to 1/10th of its current size and don’t increase it until you’ve completed over 200 trades. You need a large sample size to actually gauge profitability. Backtesting isn’t good enough. The human element (you) can be the flaw in a winning strategy.
  2. Read books. Bollinger on Bollinger bands, Macro to micro and Volatility Illuminated are all must reads.
  3. Never risk more than 1% of your account on any given trade. If you’re on 2x leverage and are using 100% of your account on the trade, you can use a 0.5% stop loss. If you’re on 10x leverage and utilizing half of your account, you can use a 0.2% stop loss. And so on. This ensures your account never goes to zero.
  4. Learn the math and reasoning behind your indicator. Why does it work? Not how to use it, by WHY does it work. “It’s a proven standard, everyone else uses it, it’s the golden rule, or it’s worked in the past so it will work again” are all appeal to authority fallacies. A compass doesn’t work because of the aforementioned reasons right? Not knowing why it works means you won’t be able to recognize the conditions where the indicator will fail.
For the love of god, when you hit that losing streak don’t increase your position size. “My account is in the red, all I need to do is make it all back in one or two trades then I can go back to my strategy!” Nope. Don’t do it. That’s how you get a margin call.
If an open position feels like it’s put a hole in your chest, close it. You’ll quickly learn it’s not sustainable for your account OR your emotional health.
You are valuable and capable of great things. Capable is the key word, you are unrealized potential. The status quo in forex trading is slowly bleeding funds over months and years from the deceptive comfort of the dogma of your strategy and undeserved confidence. Rise above the lowest common denominator.
Thanks for reading, I had fun typing this. I’ve been trading for just under four and a half years now and have been going full time for a year and a half. I’d be happy to answer any questions or provide resources.
Edit: Since this has been well received, if you see someone make the “peak of mount stupid screenshot” post, link this rant in the comments!
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